Strategy Formulation

We all know strategy is important. WRS is your partner developing a robust strategy that remains flexible and relevant to deliver the outcomes most important to you. Confronting the unknown and making decisions about the future can be challenging and uncomfortable at times, which is why WRS provides sound knowledge and feedback to keep the process on track. When done correctly, a strategic plan can be an organization’s North Star, providing useful guidance and clarity without being overly prescriptive. 

We have a tried and true foundation on which every strategic planning engagement is built. Recognizing each organization is unique, we customize the process, so the end result reflects the goals to be achieved. Using engaging, collaborative discussions and activities, we help you set priorities, focus your energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure your team is working in sync, and evaluate your progress as you work toward your goals.

Because creating the plan is just the first step, we also provide strategic advising to help you think critically about new opportunities, staffing challenges, resource distribution, and operational changes in real time.

Measuring the impact of the work can be harder than the work itself. Yet, it’s mission critical. One of the most important elements of determining a path forward is an understanding of where you are and how you got here. WRS has expertise in capturing and quantifying results that are hard to measure.

We incorporate evaluation into our strategic work and also offer it as a standalone service. As a tool to understand your current state, we take an approach designed to understand the environment around you and the factors at play within your organization. 

  • External factors: landscape analysis, stakeholder engagement 

  • Internal factors: internal stakeholder engagement, review of previously collected metrics and trends over time 

With this information, we can create an assessment summarizing your strengths to amplify and the areas of opportunity to address moving forward. 

We also develop evaluation structures and plans that allow you to create a system to evaluate progress moving forward. We work with you to crystalize your objectives, outputs to measure, and strategies to collect the data.

Tenants of Strategy Formulation

These services can be delivered in concert with one another or on an individual basis depending on the scope of your project.

  • Inquiry and stakeholder engagement 
  • Review of best practices 
  • Facilitated dialogue and ideation 
  • Development of recommendations and roadmap 
  • Continued support through strategy roadmap and execution

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