Executive Searches

Our approach is simple and thorough, disciplined and adaptable. Our search process is grounded in best practice but is not cookie cutter. We work with you to understand the unique needs of your organization and stakeholders to design a process and source the best possible candidates. We aren’t a corporate firm, which allows us to conduct searches with a personal touch. We tap into our deep roots in Colorado and our broad network of leaders across the US. We know that an email blast isn’t sufficient, and our team is willing to do the legwork required to find the perfect candidate pool for you. 

Our team uses a proven methodology to deliver seamless, workflow-driven talent acquisition strategies that help you secure the right talent quickly and effectively. WRS is committed to working alongside you to meet your needs. Prior to the launch of a talent search, we collaborate with key stakeholders to understand the cultural and strategic context of the organization, outline the job description and candidate profile, and create a customized process for identifying, attracting, and retaining the ideal candidate.

Our work isn’t complete when a candidate is identified. We are committed to supporting you through the entire onboarding process from offer negotiation, to a robust onboarding strategy, to transition coaching.

Within each stage of the search process, we create a customized work plan and approach based on the needs of your organization.