What We Do

White River Strategy provides end-to-end consulting services in six key areas to help knock down barriers and strengthen your team to achieve your most ambitious goals. From executive searches to strategy formulation and execution, White River Strategy is your partner. 

Human capital is your greatest resource, and identifying the best leader for your organization is paramount to your success. Learn more.

We see strategy not as an annual corporate requirement, but as a vehicle for delivering growth and intentional organizational change. Learn more.

A strategy is only as good as its execution. The leap from a high-level strategy to a solid operational plan is big, and we can help. Learn more.

The best ideas are not developed in isolation, and communities aren’t built without diverse voices at the table. Learn more.

Leadership coaching for your executives or board is designed to remove barriers and unleash the potential of an individual, team, or organization. Learn more.

How do you know where to go if you can’t determine what got you here? We are experts at evaluating and understanding both the qualitative and quantitative measures that contribute to your successes and challenges. Learn more.

Who we serve

We serve the organizations and individuals who make communities thrive. We partner with the game changers, the visionaries, the workhorses, and the community champions. We serve people and organizations who have a bold vision for the future and the ambition to make it happen.


We have a breadth of experience and a robust service portfolio for community, family, and private foundations. Whether you are facing an executive search, a new philanthropic strategy, or a programmatic offering, we can help.

Higher Education

From ongoing consulting and advising services to a large public university to strategic planning projects with specific campus groups, our team understands the unique assets and challenges faced by colleges and universities today. As the institutions responsible for developing the next generation of leaders, we recognize and support the work of higher education.

Community Organizations

We believe in the power and necessity of organizations built by and for the community. We provide strategic planning, executive coaching, and programmatic development to maximize the impact of these organizations in their community.

ExecutiveS & Leader

Great leaders unlock the potential of those around them. We provide customized executive coaching to empower leaders to realize their loftiest goals for themselves, their teams, and their communities.

Many of our clients fall into these categories, but we’ve worked with an array of organizations.

No two projects are the same, and that’s one of the best things about what we do.

We’re happy to explore how White River Strategy could be of service to you!