We are colorado

We love Colorado. Our team hails from all across the state, from Denver to Wray, Durango to Rifle. We believe in Colorado and the people who make it what it is.

While we serve individuals and organizations, our ultimate goal is to strengthen the fabric of communities and build the next generation of leaders.

We believe in the
power of people

People are your organization’s greatest asset. We understand the importance of finding the right people and investing in them over the long term, both as individuals and at an organizational level.

We are strategists

Without a plan, a mission is difficult to fulfill. Without a goal, a roadmap is hard to draw. We pride ourselves in our ability to see both the big picture and what it takes to get there. We use our decades of experience across sectors to develop creative solutions to your most complex challenges.

we are
conversation movers

We are dynamic and experienced facilitators.

From curating large-scale, virtual convenings to leading casual information sessions, we understand how to create an environment that breeds authenticity, creativity, and progress. We keep people focused while pushing them to think outside the box.